Cheesy bechamel sauce

Think of the perfect creaminess of a white sauce and then add even more flavour! Tempting? Our cheesy bechamel sauce is a must in the kitchen!

It’s time to give your old favourites some extra punch. Let your creativity loose with this sauce!
6-8 min
Cooking instructions
Thaw the sauce in the fridge. Transfer to saucepan. Heat over medium-low heat, stirring frequently, until internal temperature reaches 176 °F (80 °C).
Available format
Food services
Wholesale packaging: 4.54 kg
Milk, mozzarella (partly skimmed milk, modified milk ingredients, bacterial culture, salt, calcium chloride, microbial enzyme, powdered cellulose), denatured sherry (sherry, salt), soy margarine, modified cornstarch, seasoning (mustard, salt, powdered codfish [fish, dextrin, salt], yeast extract, hydrolysed vegetable protein, wheat breadcrumbs, ascorbic acid, spices), fermented wheat proteins, sweet potato maltodextrin Contains: milk, mustard, fish, wheat, soy, sulfites.

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